It’s worth it to Be Well….

Cost : such a difficult topic

Cost is always a concern for the consumer and for the provider. Putting a price tag on improving your health and well being is difficult to do. Here is some information that I think will be helpful to know as a medical consumer. Medical visit charges are based on several factors: how much time is spent with a patient, how many problems are being addressed, how complex the visit is. These factors are assigned a code and each code has a value. Insurances drive the costs for these services and also how the provider is reimbursed for these services. As a provider, we are held responsible to code our charts honestly and ethically.

Insured and Non insured patients are welcome. Insured patients that are out of network with Be Well Medical are also welcome. For each group, a conversation will need to take place about how you will pay for your visit. Unfortunately, it is a necessary evil, however it does allow for this wonderful service to continue.

Also, an important fact to know is insurance does not cover all procedures or services. We will work together to see what is covered and how we can utilize that information to give you the best care possible. You will always be given options and in the very end you will choose what you would like to do. Our passion is to empower you to take charge of your healthcare by giving you information to support your decisions.

Accepted Insurances: We have been working very hard to get credentialed and contracted with as many insurance companies as possible.

The following are ones Be Well Medical are contracted and in-network with. Individual providers may vary with each insurance. Aetna effective date 10-15-2020, Regence BCBS- UT effective 10-15-2020, Tricare West effective 8-06-2020, Medicare, Medicaid**, Cigna effective date 06-15-2020, Mulitplan effective date 11-01-2020, Imagine Health (Wise Network effective 12-01-2020), Samara Health (Wise Network and MOTIV Health) effective date 10-01-2020, and United Healthcare and Bind (effective 3-01-2021).

Insurances we are waiting to hear back from: Molina Medicaid, Health Choice Utah Medicaid, Select Health, and Educators Mutual

Insurance we will not be in network with at this time: PEHP, Humana, Healthy U Medicaid, and University of Utah

**A note to Medicaid Insured Patients: When covered by Medicaid, your insurance holder in the state of Utah will be either Select Health, Healthy Choice, Molina, or Healthy U. As of right now, we are working towards being able to take Healthy Choice and Molina. We are waiting to hear back from Select Health. Healthy U has said they are not accepting any new providers at this time.

If you have a specific question about your insurance or about not having insurance, please send us a message here.

Nutrition Consults: $75 for the initial visit or new goal for up to 60 minutes. $45 for up to a 20 minute follow-up visit.

Dietitian Consults: May be able to submit to insurance depending if your insurance has nutritional benefits.

Major Autohemotherapy (Ozone intravenous infusion): $200 for 250ml normal saline with 60cc of ozone. $300 for 1 liter of normal saline and more than 60cc of ozone. Time spent for infusion varies from 1-3 hours. This procedure is not FDA approved, therefore not covered by any insurances.

All copays or self pay visit payments will be collected at your visit.

* We accept a credit card or check card (even a HSA card): Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover. We are more than willing to provide a receipt for you to either submit for reimbursement, claim towards your insurance deductible, or use a health savings account. If you have out-of-network benefits we could send a claim that way if so desired. If there is an insurance that you would like for us to pursue, then please submit a request on the contact page. While you are there, give us some feedback on your experience. šŸ™‚