When you feel better, then we all win. Helping individuals and families arrive to being well is not only a passion, but our mission.



Our goal is to bring healthcare to you in a safe, affordable, and convenient way with family medicine and telemedicine. We also strive to deliver your healthcare needs with compassion, quality, and evidenced based care.

A typical telemedicine visit is about 10-15 minutes long. Quick and efficient to get you off to feeling better sooner.

Our platform gives you the ability to Self-Schedule, even during after hours: before clinics open, during lunch hours, and after evening hours. Be Well is designed to be your Primary Care and help with after hour medical needs. Primary Care with after hour telemed allows you to stay connected to one place instead of having medical needs met at several different facilities. Continuity of care is highly valued.

LIFESTYLE coaching

Being well is a lifestyle. Be Well Medical values a team approach to help encourage and guide you in meeting your lifestyle goals. A lifestyle coach helps incorporate lifestyle changes into your daily life. This could come from your medical provider, therapist, pharmacist, nutritionist, or dietitian. Regardless where it comes from, we work together for your well being.


Boost your immunity, prevent or fight diseases with the foods that fuel your body. Nutrition counseling can help you achieve wellness in so many ways in your life. What you feed your body impacts energy, health, concentration, focus, brain functioning, gut health. The list goes on and on. Nutrition counseling can start off with one simple goal at a time. Let us help you to Be Well.

Lee’s Pharmacy collaboratioN

Lee’s Pharmacy has partnered with Be Well Medical Providers to form a team-based model of care to better serve their customers’ healthcare needs.

How It Works


Click on any button that says Schedule or Book Appointment. It will take you to the provider schedule. Click the Provider Schedule Button. Then choose visit reason, then your date and time that works best for you and that is available for their provider. If you do not see a date and time that works for you, then send us a message at here.

Virtual Paperwork

Once the appointment is scheduled, a confirmation page immediately shows up. On that page are detailed instructions to get you ready for your appointment. Consent forms and health history, need to be completed before the appointment starts. Once again, if there are questions, please let us know! You are not alone in this. We are here to help!

Be Well Wherever You Are.